Aikido —The Way of Harmony

Non-violent, Non-competitive, Derived from the combat aikijujutsu techniques of ancient Japan. Aikido is termed the “Modern Martial Art” because it places an emphasis on the development of harmony and co-operation rather than competition and the violent subduing of opponents. Aikido translates as ‘the way of harmony’.

 Kancho Sensei

Yoshinkan Aikido

Since the 1920’s several style of Aikido have developed. The study of Yoshinkan Aikido incorporates precision in executing techniques with the study of basic movements. Detailed instruction provides an understanding of the whole technique as well as its composite parts, exploring the mystery of how a partner’s attack can be redirected and controlled without strength. 

Yoshinkan Aikido is the official style of Aikido practiced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.


Kancho Sensei sanin dori

Self Defence and Self Development

At the same time, Aikido is a powerful martial art. Due to its very effective nature, Aikido is taught to Police Forces throughout Japan and in many other parts of the world. 

Aikido Training is fun and provides an effective way to keep in shape and reduce stress. Classes are congenial, promote an co-operative outlook on life and are non-competitive. 

Aikido Training brings you into contact with yourself and ways to achieve harmony of mind and body. Aikido can be beneficial for everyone. Individuals of all ages, physical ability and background are welcome.

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