Richard Diehm Sensei, 6th Dan Black Belt

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Richard Sensei

Richard Diehm Sensei opened the Southside Dojo to further his skills in teaching and to acquire a strong student base as a foundation toward developing strong and discipline aikido-ka. Richard Sensei has received countless awards from Mori Sensei for excellence in demonstrations and technique.

Richard Diehm Sensei, 6th Dan black belt has been training in Yoshinkan Aikido since 1991. He received the rank of 6th Dan black belt in September 2018 under Mori Michiharu Sensei 8th Dan at Brisbane Dojo. Richard Sensei commenced his training at the Aikido Institute Sunshine Coast where he trained for three years under David Dangerfield Sensei. Richard Sensei trained in the international instructor course at the International Yoshinkan Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan at the Honbu dojo (headquarters) in 1996.

The majority of Richard Sensei's training has been done at the Brisbane Dojo - West End with Mori Sensei 8th Dan black belt. Richard Sensei teaches a monthly beginners program at the Brisbane Dojo and still actively trains weekly. He is one of Mori Sensei's most experienced students where he has demonstrated and trained with Mori Sensei ongoing since 1996.

Richard Diehm Sensei is a 6th Dan black belt instructor recognised by the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF). Richard Sensei is qualified to grade his students to the rank of 4th Dan black belt. * His students gradings are recognised in Japan and throughout the world via the AYF. Students who attain the rank of black belt will receive their Dan certificates from the International Yoshinkan Headquarters in Japan.

* Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF) In 1989, Shioda Sensei founded the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation (IYAF), the aim of which is to support the growth and teaching of Aikido on a worldwide basis. The IYAF embodies the Aikido principles of harmony, co-operation and respect within an organisation. In 2007 the name was changed to the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (AYF). Aikido Yoshinkan Southside Dojo is officially registered as one of the Aikido Yoshinkan Dojo's worldwide.

Instructor Miki Diehm, 3rd Dan

Miki Sensei

Miki has been helping to establish the Southside Dojo with her husband Sensei Richard since 2005. She commenced her training at the Brisbane Dojo in 1998, where she has achieved the rank of 3rd Dan black belt, and at the time that made her the highest ranked women at the Brisbane Dojo.

Along with her success she has attained countless trophies for her extended efforts in demonstrations and group demonstrations. Her determination and commitment to Aikido has made her a great teacher, where she teachers the children's and adults classes along side her husband Richard Sensei, when she is not being a fulltime mother.

Richard Sensei as uke for Mori Sensei